ChhotaBheem and Ganesh film became more popular among animated movie.. let’s know something about it


Only when adults tell us what is wrong and what is right from childhood can we assess our mistakes and grow as a right person in society. Only our grandparents tell us about such false confessions. But will wine have the patience to tell today’s kids that? Can the original be heard? Would grandparents who have told us about the mythical men about the myths if they were to say the wrong confessions be heard saying that to the children of today? That is why children do not listen to stories told from an early age about false confessions and moral values. The easiest way for parents of children to come forward is with animated films based on the same myths and legends that have been around for many years. Animated films are more comfortable to show children than to tell stories about myths. Especially if they show these animated films to them while they are circling at home and make them stick to the TV so that they know the good intellects and mistakes, we can get rid of their mischief. Against this backdrop, a gorgeous epic came into the market as an animated film and became buzzing and popular. That is ChhotaBheem and Ganesh in the same place. It’s already seen on TV, but no matter how many times it is shown to children, they do not feel bored. Not only children but also adults can enjoy this film. Let us now know briefly about this animated film.

Latest OTT platforms facilitate watching not only movies online, but they provide to watch animated movies also. Especially, aha videos gave good opportunities to watch animated movies in Telugu. A massive popular animated film ChhotaBheem and Ganesh,is now on Aha movies. So, let’s know about the film and its highlights.

Characters: Bheem, Ganesh, Mushik, Raju, Chutki, Kalia, Jaggu, Dholu-Bholu

Original Network: Pogo TV

Release: 23rd August 2009

Run Time: 22 mins.


Dholakpur is abruptly assaulted by two fire-spitting winged serpent beasts. While they heave fire and make ruin, King Inderaverma allotted the duty of rescuing his realm on the powerful ChhotaBheem’s bear. In the meantime, Bheem and his companions rescue a mouse’s life, who happens to be a mushik, Lord Ganesh’s friend mouse. Yet, because of some bad occasions, Mushik is removed by the mythical beasts. Master Ganesh descends on earth to support his partner. He and Bheem pair-facing the monsters to spare mankind.

About the film “ChhotaBheem and Ganesh”:

ChhotaBheem and Ganesh is the epic of Childhood Ganesh and his co characters. The animated film was made with high technical values. The film gets more popular than its previous versions.

ChhotaBheem and Ganesh is an Indian animated epic, including Bheem, the star of the Indian TV animation program ChhotaBheem& Ganesh, the star of the program Bal Ganesh. It was the second film of the ChhotaBheem film in the sequence.

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Finally: ChhotaBheem and Ganesh will amaze your children

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