Lust and atrocities

When we remark on internet series, we all realize that individuals suppose it’s typically just like the daily soap serials running on television. However, it’s not what we expect regarding internet series square measure much better than our vision. It’s having an adventure story, action, love, and lots of other expressions and emotions to create upon. During this field of acknowledgment, Telugu trade had conjointly tried its capabilities. Their square measures several internet series for children, teenagers, adults, and for family. Telugu Web Series that married couples can relate to had exploded the audience with additional enthusiasm to grow it.

So, continued the series of reviewing movies and shows throughout the internment amount, today decides that theTelugu web series online, SIN. This series was made by SharathMarar and was directed by Naveen Medaram. It had been free on the twenty-fifth March 2020 and is currently accessible on AH. AHA has made it easier to look at Telugu web series online. It is free on the rising Telugu OTT platform Aha.

SIN is an adult rated (18+) Telugu web series online that is out there across seven episodes. Sid Jay and Azeem Muhammad did the filming of the series. Music makeover was amid SadasivuniSidharth with cutting byArunThachoth and Tinchu Philip. The lead Thiruveer is quite scarified in his two-layered role. The method he brings his innocence before of individuals and tries to cover the beast within him has been pictured to a fair degree to glorify. The most plot is regarding the wedding and therefore the method innocent women face marital rape wherever wedding becomes their enemy. Some scenes regarding women’s authorization square measure smart. The BGM and aesthetics accustomed to build the series look authentic. The essential twist among the plot can leave you stunned.

Overall, SIN starts well, handling the topic of marital rape. There’s Associate in Nursing drug of free love concerned; however, the performance of the lead forged is pretty spectacular. The twist within the climax is shocking and daring; however, the series may narrate showing emotion from the start. It provides a trial as a result of its crisp runtime and a couple of intelligent moments. This makes the series one time expect its realistic performances solely. Sin Telugu internet Series on Aha is also a story of a man for whom lust and atrocities on ladies were his life, a love tragedy, and a triangle romance. The most specialized in the necessary theme “Marital Rape and Love triangle” got off the track and misled to character elevation and building. It can solely work once it’s inset with the soul of the story, the theme. You can check this sin webseries online on aha app.

These types of internet series square measure rare and should connect with some feminine audience. However, such emotions cannot be pictured with commonness. Director should depict, however, ladies’ authorization is needed to stop atrocities against women throughout a male-dominated paternal society by crucifying a lead. One will continually argue regarding the play script; however, dialogues played their role. Music now and then stays well with the plot. Background music is worthy.

Science Suspense Movie In Telugu

Science Suspense Movie In Telugu

Forensic is a mysterious thriller movie written and directed by Akhilpaul and Anas Khan. It’s their debut film in their directorial career and came up with wonderful results. This film is first of its kind in terms of science films as the major part of the story revolves around a professional forensic lab. A first-class film you could watch for classic times. The suspense and excitement it leaves, will put you on the edge. You can watch forensic movie online only on Aha.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Tovino Thomas

Actress: Mamta Mohandas

Other actors: Reba Monika John, ThamannaPramod, Giju John, Anil Murali

Director: Akhil Paul and Anas Khan

Writer: Akhil Paul and Anas Khan

Cinematography: Akhil George

Music: James Bejoy

Distributor: Century release

Other Information:

Runtime: 134 minutes

Release date: 28 February 2020

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Investigative

Story Line:

The story begins with a psychologically ill mannered kid getting beaten up by his father for his psychotic actions. He brings the heads of animals which he killed and stores them in glass bottles along with some unusual small animals which are still alive. For teaching him a lesson in such a way, he takes a rope and kills his father as revenge. Then another story of a professional medico legal adviser (Samuel John) who is keen in his side of expertise, puts his entire curiosity in a new case that he gets, and the police officer who was assigned to that case is his brother’s wife. The case is about dead bodies of girl kids getting caught in some unusual areas. Samuel works along with a police officer to find out the killer and in the meantime, they get to understand that the killer is not a man but another kid who is under 4 feet. These results just blew their minds as there are alot of previous incidents of child psychopaths in India who have killed a lot of people when they were around the age of 10. Samuel uses his forensic abilities to find out the reasons for each and every detail to which they get access. What paths do Samuel choose to uncover that one criminal from all the suspects list and what secrets will be revealed in choosing those paths will be the mystery to the end.

Artist’s Performance:

– Tovino Thomas acting as a professional medico legal advisor was just decent and professional. His dialogue delivery met his class.

– Mamatha Mohandas acting towards her character with such a profession just made her more active. She is just like she ever was, the best.

– All the other actors who played in negative and positive roles have been great.

Technical Aspects:

– Script writing is good. Focused on details of professional aspects in forensic labs.

– Cinematography, editing and coloring of the film had set a mood.

– BGM of the film is more intense and will be more of a thrilling experience.

Forensic is the only science suspense movie in telugu and one of the best thriller movies out there.

ChhotaBheem and Ganesh film became more popular among animated movie.. let’s know something about it


Only when adults tell us what is wrong and what is right from childhood can we assess our mistakes and grow as a right person in society. Only our grandparents tell us about such false confessions. But will wine have the patience to tell today’s kids that? Can the original be heard? Would grandparents who have told us about the mythical men about the myths if they were to say the wrong confessions be heard saying that to the children of today? That is why children do not listen to stories told from an early age about false confessions and moral values. The easiest way for parents of children to come forward is with animated films based on the same myths and legends that have been around for many years. Animated films are more comfortable to show children than to tell stories about myths. Especially if they show these animated films to them while they are circling at home and make them stick to the TV so that they know the good intellects and mistakes, we can get rid of their mischief. Against this backdrop, a gorgeous epic came into the market as an animated film and became buzzing and popular. That is ChhotaBheem and Ganesh in the same place. It’s already seen on TV, but no matter how many times it is shown to children, they do not feel bored. Not only children but also adults can enjoy this film. Let us now know briefly about this animated film.

Latest OTT platforms facilitate watching not only movies online, but they provide to watch animated movies also. Especially, aha videos gave good opportunities to watch animated movies in Telugu. A massive popular animated film ChhotaBheem and Ganesh,is now on Aha movies. So, let’s know about the film and its highlights.

Characters: Bheem, Ganesh, Mushik, Raju, Chutki, Kalia, Jaggu, Dholu-Bholu

Original Network: Pogo TV

Release: 23rd August 2009

Run Time: 22 mins.


Dholakpur is abruptly assaulted by two fire-spitting winged serpent beasts. While they heave fire and make ruin, King Inderaverma allotted the duty of rescuing his realm on the powerful ChhotaBheem’s bear. In the meantime, Bheem and his companions rescue a mouse’s life, who happens to be a mushik, Lord Ganesh’s friend mouse. Yet, because of some bad occasions, Mushik is removed by the mythical beasts. Master Ganesh descends on earth to support his partner. He and Bheem pair-facing the monsters to spare mankind.

About the film “ChhotaBheem and Ganesh”:

ChhotaBheem and Ganesh is the epic of Childhood Ganesh and his co characters. The animated film was made with high technical values. The film gets more popular than its previous versions.

ChhotaBheem and Ganesh is an Indian animated epic, including Bheem, the star of the Indian TV animation program ChhotaBheem& Ganesh, the star of the program Bal Ganesh. It was the second film of the ChhotaBheem film in the sequence.

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Finally: ChhotaBheem and Ganesh will amaze your children